Wild Garlic Pesto

An "original" for over 20 years. I'm the wild garlic that...

1x 190ml (4,08/100 ml)
6x 190ml (3,68/100 ml)

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Seasoning salt and bouillon, no yeast extract

shaker 250g (2,80/100 g)
refill pouch 500g (2,53/100 g)
ref. pouch 2x 500g (2,30/100 g)
ref. pouch 4x 500g (2,25/100 g)

from €6.99 *

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16x iBi 135g, your choice

Economy Package, choose your favorite iBi!

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12x Herb Sauces, your choice

Economy Package

€83.89 * instead of: €178.80

Spaghetti Sauce

Whether young or older – everybody likes me, because I'm...

1x 330ml (11,36/1 l)
6x 330ml (10,61/1 l)

from €3.75 *

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Plum Fruit Spread

As if fresh from the tree, subtly flavored with cinnamon

1x 190g (2,63/100 g)
6x 190g (2,57/100 g)

from €4.99 *

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Zucchini Mexicana

Spicy hot: With me you always have good vegetables from...

1x 330g (14,39/1 kg)
6x 330g (13,99/1 kg)

from €4.75 *

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iBi Hot

A firey touch

1x 135g (1,84/100 g)
16x 135g (1,73/100 g)
1x 180g (1,83/100 g)
12x 180g (1,68/100 g)

from €2.49 *

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