Fresh Herb Sauces

Your Native Herbs - Always a bunch of fresh herbs at home

From Field to Customer - Pure Nature - More than “Organic”!

  • Produced by us with fresh herbs from peaceable farming

  • Gently processed to preserve flavor

  • With first-class olive oil

  • Animal friendly

  • Purely vegetable

All cert. organic, DE-ÖKO-037

Natural Production Like the Olden Days - With the Best Herbs from Our Herb Farm

The herb farm is located on a sunny spot high above the Main River; this is where the herbs for the Lebe Gesund gourmet herb sauces are grown.

Whole fields of chives, parsley, arugula and basil flourish here in peaceable farming – without artificial fertilizers or pesticides. Their growth is carefully promoted and strengthened with natural fertilizers and loving care. The herbs express their thanks for this natural growth with a particularly intense flavor.

Preserving this flavor is the foremost priority during their processing in the Lebe Gesund specialty foods department. 

Specialty Sauces from Nature’s Herb Gardens

“We fresh herb sauces are just what our name promises: prepared from fresh herbs! Covering fresh herbs with oil so that they keep is an old tradition and requires much care and work by hand. Our herbs are harvested by hand, gently chopped and covered with first-class olive oil and sunflower oil to preserve their quality. In this way, the unique fragrance of the herbs is preserved as well as the full flavor of fresh wild garlic, basil, parsley or chives!

With us, you have a bunch of herbs at home – and a great thing: We contain the freshness of nature and keep for months – an herb garden for all year round.”

Wild Garlic Pesto – The Original

 “Your Native Herb”

“We Harvest by Hand!”

In the midst of nature, an idyllic wooded slope in Spessart, grows a rediscovered medicinal and seasoning herb: wild garlic.

Wild garlic takes the strength and nutrients that it needs from the healthy forest floor and it is from this that its taste and its many health-promoting qualities develop.

Great care is used when harvesting this valuable herb, mostly in March: “Wild garlic has to be gathered before it blooms; after that, all the plant’s strength goes into the flowers,” was explained to us by the farmers who practice peaceable farming. “We harvest the leaves by hand, making sure that no leaf is bent or pressed down, so that the essential oils fully remain in the leaves.”

The fresh wild garlic leaves are carefully cleaned, washed in vinegar water and minced in Lebe Gesund’s specialty foods department. Covered with high-quality cold-pressed olive oil, sunflower oil and healthy, natural rock salt, the result is the favorite Wild Garlic Pesto. Keeps the whole year without additives – Enjoy it all year long.

“Your Body’s Health Can Grow Attached to Wild Garlic!”


"Our Special Quality"

From Field to Customer

  • Fresh from the woods

  • Certified gathered in the woods by hand

  • Processed fresh from the harvest

  • With best extra-virgin olive oil

  • Use sparingly

  • One-of-a-kind taste

  • Keeps for months, even after jar is opened