Fruit Spreads

Like in Grandma’s time:
The best ingredients, carefully harvested and gently prepared


 Pure Nature!

“We fruit spreads are pure fruit and therefore little gems, because our raspberries and blackberries are picked and sorted by hand, berry by berry. Like in Grandma’s time, we are gently prepared, with no granulated sugar and no boiling – sweet only from the pure sweetness of grapes.”

Summer in a Jar

Raspberries, blackberries, currants… – Berries are the epitome of summer! Briefly heated and preserved in a jar, you can enjoy the summer’s own fruit at every season: on bread, in desserts, for cakes and pastries – or simply a spoonful right from the jar …

Customer Comment:

“Your fruit spreads remind me of when my grandma still made marmalade from the fruit in her garden. Because I have no time for this myself, I’m so thankful to have again found such an extremely good quality.”

Mrs. M. from S.