«The Animal-Friendly Cookbook»

Lebe Gesund

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Product Information "«The Animal-Friendly Cookbook»"

The Animal-Friendly Cookbook
On the Way to Nature

The Animal-Friendly Cookbook wants to contribute to the fact that ever less animals, which are our fellow creatures, have to suffer under human beings. This cookbook has recipes that have no animal products.

We want to ease the adjustment particularly for those people who would like to refrain from eating meat, by offering them a large variety of tasty recipes.

We often hear: "Without meat - that's not really a
meal!" And yet there is an interesting and convincing alternative. The recipes in this cookbook for animal lovers prove this. Something that is healthy and tastes good doesn't have to be complicated and lavish. Step by step, learn how to bring delicious meals to the table. There are countless variations possible, and room for your creativity and individual preferences - in this way, cooking can be a pleasure! And it's not only good for you and your loved ones, but also good for the animals. Each recipe is beautifully illustrated with full-page color pictures and step-by-step instructions accompanied by thumbnail color pictures.