Pure Nature - Full Flavor!

No flavour-enhancing additives

  • 800g fresh vegetables and herbs from peaceable farming in every dispenser.

  • Natural rock salt


The vegetables and herbs used in the Lebe Gesund Seasoning Salt come from our own land and are grown in our peaceable farming.

To best preserve their wonderful flavor and the valuable nutrients, the vegetables, herbs, apple chips and mushrooms are gently dried and finely ground shortly before mixing. 1 kg of fresh vegetables produces 70-100g dried vegetables.



Nature Needs No Flavor Enhancers!

Since without exception, only the highest quality natural ingredients are used by Lebe Gesund for all foodstuffs, no flavor-enhancing additives are needed. Nature itself convinces. For seasoning, only natural rock salt and fresh, as well as dried, herbs, vegetables, roots, Shiitake mushrooms and fruit are used.



Compare for Yourself!

1kg Lebe Gesund Seasoning Salt and Vegetable Broth

Dried vegetables from peaceable farming, ten different varieties along with Shiitake mushrooms, herbs and apple chips

Corn flour

Healthy, natural rock salt


1kg Commercial Vegetable Broth

Dried vegetables

(conventional, usually only 3-4 varieties)

Flavor enhancers

(Monosodium glutamate, disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate), yeast extract, flavoring, sugar, table salt